This adage is something that Rays Of Africa will also be aspiring to. Your delight will be shared by us as our delight. This is something that no money can ever buy.


Peter and Steve are deeply passionate about delivering a high quality product and that this is to be delivered on time. They strive to delight their clients in 3 ways.-, i.e.
1. Quality
2. Value for money
3. Service

Energy is conductive and we believe in spreading it positively. As a Ray in Africa warms and lights an area far larger than itself, so we would wish to conduct ourselves.

What is relevant in a successful marketing campaign

It is our opinion that the successful marketing campaign in tourism should include information about these sectors i.e.

  1. Cities and towns of tourism importance
  2. Accommodation and cuisine offered
  3. Cultural aspects of the population
  4. The landscape and unique features
  5. Business opportunities (if relevant)
  6. Wildlife and Natural highlights
  7. Tourism focal points in the area
  8. Transport (how to get to, and around in the country)
  9. Climatic considerations
  10. Specific highlights you can offer your clients. (Once you have sold the destination, you need to sell your specific venture)

Creating a romanticised text description of your lodge is of equal importance but images are usually what stay in the mind of potential clients. The ideal is that the imagery haunts the prospective client and forces them to think and dream constantly and incessantly about what you will offer. The importance on the visual stimulation of their dream cannot be over-emphasized.

                                    A PICTURE CAN SPEAK A THOUSAND WORDS OR MORE

Obtaining the reality of the dream will then secure probable re-visits from the same clients, or at worst, some great word of mouth advertising to their circles of colleagues and friends. Importance should therefore attach to the integrity of the imagery in promotional material, but to show this at its best. Rays Of Africa can do this for you.


Both Steve and Peter use upper end quality Canon cameras and lenses and Peter uses Hensel studio lighting, which is relatively portable. Both brands are synonymous with quality, and therefore deliver the type of quality which is to be expected from Rays Of Africa.

Use of social networks

Without beating around the bush (no pun intended), the value of a mere investment of time in good, well targeted, social media marketing can add volumes to marketing potential. This media is often regarded as insignificant as the target market is predominantly the youth. WRONG

Many Companies and business’ have realized the potential of this media and are extremely successful as a result. The youth of yesterday are still using this media and the mere mass of people reached by these media is mind blowing. It should be a vital component of media to be utilised. Not only is it cheap, but incredibly successful.

Rays Of Africa will assist you in this media and can help setup these campaigns and advise on how to maximise your benefit from these networks. Like sunrays, they penetrate markets which may have never been even considered.

In conclusion

Why not discuss your needs with us, we believe the profits will outweigh the reasonable cost tenfold or more.

We are extremely excited about the prospects of Rays Of Africa being an important cog in your marketing wheel.

Of interest to smaller lodges and operators is that you can join with other similar sized organisations in your area and as such, reduce the costs significantly as travel costs as well as generalised area photography can be shared. We will be happy to accommodate small groups of approximately 5 ventures in an area.

We trust that you will find our proposal sufficiently exciting to enable further enquiry in this regard.

Warmest regards

The team at Rays Of Africa

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